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Repairing a wheel

With more and more vehicles with alloy wheels fitted and more obstacles on and around UK roads, the frequency of Alloy Wheel damage is certain to increase, regardless of driver skill. Wheel Wizard is the UK’s leading expert in the repair and reconditioning of alloy wheels.

The Wheel Wizard process allows scrapes, scuffs, and kerb damage to be removed from your alloy wheels returning them to their original condition.

Damage to alloy wheels is a nuisance and can have a major impact on their value, and it detracts from their overall appearance.

We provide a cost effective solution to repair alloy wheel damage, be it scuffs, scrapes or kerb damage. Our professionally trained technician will visit you at your home or place of work and provide an estimate for the repair; if you wish to go ahead the repair will be completed there and then. Typically repairs can be completed in less than 3 hours.

The process can be used to repair any vehicle from a Mini to a Ferrari, the repair method is identical.

Jason has a vast array of experience and has worked on a variety of different vehicles.  He can tackle the following repairs:

Kerbed Alloy Wheel

Poorly wheelFrom minor contact with the kerb to a major impact the Wheel Wizard process can return the wheel back to an as new condition.

Polished Rims

Scrapes and scratches to polished rims are unsightly – watch them disappear with the Wheel Wizard Process.

Impact from collision with a stationary object

Be it a kerb, hole in the road or obstacle all can be reconditioned to an as new finish.

Custom Finish

Spraying a wheel

Why not get your wheels painted to match your body paint or in any finish you fancy from a polished finish to a graphite metallic finish – we can provide the finish to suit your needs.

In fact most damage to an Alloy Wheel can be repaired call Jason on 07912 502 605 for a free quote now.

"Great Mobile Service. Jason came to my home and repaired a badly curbed wheel. Looks good now - very professional service."
John Royson, Denton
"Wheel Wizard are a very professional company. The call was handled very well and the work booked in over the phone. I would definitely use them again."
Steve Little, Salford
"Thanks Jason - my wheels are looking good on my Audi. Thanks for the quick response"
Trevor Thompson, Manchester

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Call us on 07912 502 605 to get a quote or use our online form to send us your details and pictures of your wheel/s so we can give you a firm price.

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We cover the whole of Manchester, Salford and Sale.

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We bring our mobile workshop to you and carry out the repair at your home or workplace, saving you time and money.

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You don't need to replace your alloy wheels - repairing them is a much more cost effective option.
Alloy Wheel Repairs & Refurbishment throughout Manchester, Salford and Sale.
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For a free quote call us on 07912 502 605 or use our online form where you can also attach images of the damage.
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